Not So Dolce Vita

Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi, is currently exhibiting a selection of works entitled ‘Not So Dolce Vita’ in collaboration with Pocko Gallery.

‘Not So Dolce Vita’ comes from the idea to go beyond, showing a slow but continuous change in the codes of Italian culture.

It is the story of a new Italy, a country more responsive to the realities of our time, yet aware of the past.

The exhibition opened on Tuesday 19th April, concurrent to the Italian Cultural Institute’s ‘Goodbye Dolce Vita’ featuring sixteen tables from his book ‘The Journey of the Penguin’. The exhibition at the Pocko gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9.30AM to 18.30PM and will run until the 14th of June.

The soft, candid white Pocko Gallery welcomes the products of traditional and applied art. A beautiful contrast with London’s Dalston neighbourhood, which on the other hand is a soft edged melting pot of developing identities.

The artworks showcased at the Not So Dolce Vita show are the synthesis of different illustrative approaches I developed throughout a number of commissions for the New Yorker, the Book Review of the New York Times, Le Monde, the illustrated news for Repubblica, the more extensive narrative of ‘The Journey of the Penguin’ created for Penguin Books, and the kinetic sculptures produced for Milano’s Design Week 2016.

Communicating through images allows me to experiment with a range of different languages and tones of expression, some more direct and some more subtle.