Emiliano Ponzi is based in Milan, Italy. His bold textured illustrations feature strong graphic compositions to define and communicate the concept at hand.

The play of visual metaphor and symbolism are continuous themes throughout his work. Emiliano has received numerous honours including the Young Guns Award from New York’s Art Directors Club, medals of honour from the Society of Illustrators New York, Los Angeles and 3×3 Magazine Pro show. 

He has also won the How International Design Award, Communication Arts Illustration Annuals and American Illustration Annuals. Clients include: The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, The Economist, Washington Post, Newsweek, National Geographic, United Airlines, MoMA, Penguin Books, Starbucks, The Oprah Magazine, Saatchi & Saatchi, Touch Wood, La Repubblica, InternazionaleFeltrinelli, Lavazza, LA Times, Mondadori, TIM, Rolling Stone, Triennale Design Museum.