February 24 - News

Your London Future

At the tail end of 2020 Illustrator Andrea Chronopoulos was invited to collaborate with Studio Cronica on an exciting project for Centre for London – titled Your London Future.

The London Futures review is a once in a generation opportunity to take a long term, strategic approach to the city. CFL’s aim is to build a new shared vision for London with Londoners.

To create this shared vision, CFL needed to understand what’s most important to Londoners. So they launched ‘Your Future London’ –  online platform giving respondents the chance to learn about how London is doing today, exploring five future scenarios for London and have their say in London’s future. The choices made will reveal what they care about most , what direction they want the city to take, and what Your Future London would look like.

Andrea beautifully illustrated these five future London scenarios and beyond – really tying together the playful identity Studio Cronica whipped up for the ‘Your Future London’ project.

You can read more about the project over on Pocko Social.