July 9 - News

Welcoming Léonie Després!

We’ve had our eye on Léonie Després and her wonderfully charming and recognisable characters for a while now, we’ve even been lucky enough to work on some fun projects together! But now we’ve made it official and now Léonie is part of the Pocko artist family and we couldn’t be happier!

Leonie graduated in 2014 from Supinfocom, a french animation school, and then moved to London to work in the animation industry. Passionate about beautiful books and illustrations, she quickly decided to develop her skills by combining her animation studio work with freelance illustration. Meaning she could continue to push herself to experiment with image making combining new colour palettes and compositions.

Leonie is inspired by relationships and everything which brings happiness in everyday life, like people sharing a good meal or dancing together.
Clients include: Wired, the Wall street Journal, Le chocolat des francais, Graou Magazine, Solar editions