July 27 - News

Welcoming Idea & Maker!

We are so thrilled to announce our representation of Idea & Maker!

Consisting of Maxim and Jo, the Czechia duo started up Idea & Maker through their shared backgrounds.

Idea & Maker are creative Motion Designers, that blend technical knowledge with emotional feelings. Using their design background they bring unique visuals in the form of thoughtful craft and storytelling. They trust in the freedom of creativity and local independence.Maxim is a creative technologist with a deep interest in software. With the background as a 2d/3d animator and designer, and Johana studied art and started her career as an art director building ideas into campaigns. Swinging around illustration, motion, 3d and design she established herself as a designer colourist.

They understand the concept and idealization phase as well as production.  Their work is exciting, tactile and visually fun to watch. Contact us for any brief you have in mind for them! info@pocko.com