July 9 - News

Welcoming Emmanuel Romeuf!

We are  excited to welcome the super talented Emmanuel Romeuf to the Illustration roster!

Emmanuel is a french artist based in Bordeaux, France. Born in Le Réunion, an island in the Indian Ocean, his childhood was surrounded by luxuriant nature, sweet life and beautiful lights. After graduating from Les Arts Décoratifs school, he started working in Paris as an illustrator and art director for international clients.

His work is characterised by a bold use of colours, slick vector lines and minimal compositions, a mix between the vibrancy of nature and the Parisian aesthetic.

He has an extensive client list including Samsung, Mc Donald’s, Rothschild, L’Oréal, ELLE, Grazia, Toyota, Colas, ELLE, Grazia, Stylist, Dwell, Granta, Wallpaper.