March 18 - News

Vincent Mahé – Eurostar

Only a die-hard Parisian can depict the vibrant heart of Paris. Vincent ignited an intricate scene for the Eurostar print and DOOH campaign, urging Londoners to ‘bof’ their local pubs, and get to Paris for a weekend of fine French wine and dining.

How long have you lived in Paris?
VM: I was born in Paris but I grew up in Bretagne (west of France), I came back in 2003, so about 13 years…

What do you love about it?
VM: The history of the city and the architecture that testifies about it. I also love being with my friends in cafés, smoking cigarettes and arguing about stuff.

How would you define yourself?
VM: I am a happy illustrator, architecture enthusiast, food lover, doing his best being a good husband and father.

Why did you accept to participate to this Eurostar project?
VM: Because I felt really honoured being chosen to represent my city, which I love.

What does Eurostar mean to you?
VM: To me, Eurostar means visiting my wife’s sisters in London for a weekend. A juicy Sunday roast at the corner, 2 hours from home.

What European city would you like to visit next and why?
VM: I know it’s not doable in train (yet) but I would love to go to Oslo one day, to visit the Vigeland sculpture park and the Opera… a quest for aesthetic emotions.

What would you like to start here in Paris?
VM: I’ll open a tiny restaurant where I would be the chef when I get old…

What’s your next project?
VM: I’m putting the final touches to a children’s book. A sweet father and son story…