February 27 - News


Vicente is the new eclectic display typeface by Vasty. With an abundance of colour and smooth motion, Vicente offers a balance between thick and thin lines, challenging the reader with its unusual shapes. It is designed to utilise a six colour palette but works equally well when this is paired back to four or even three colours for a simpler aesthetic.

Vasty has previously created two different full alphabets, both of which were created as real life 3D sets (The Landscape Typeface) and the other 100% paper craft (The Colourful Paper Craft Alphabet). Whereas, this is Vasty’s first venture into a typeface that is fully digital, and can be installed and used like a regular typeface on your computer. Vicente can also be brought to life through an animated version that any user can customise in After Effects.

The inspiration behind Vicente  was split between Bauhaus and Memphis, taking these iconic design styles colours and shapes as the focal point.  ” I always love to play with geometry and a colourful palette, vibrant and playful. It was created originally to participate on the 36 Days of Type challenge and then we partnered with Animography to give live to the animated version”, says Vasty.

The name “Vicente” is in honour of Vasty’s Grandfather, who wasn’t a designer but had a lovely way of handwriting. One way of working which Vasty could never master but we’re glad he didn’t because it led him to create this joyful typeface.  Nice work, Mariano!