Vincent Mahé is a French based Illustrator known for his beautifully detailed and charming illustrations. 

Vincent was born in Paris and moved to Rennes to study art at the age of 16, before moving back to Paris in 2003. He then studied Animation at Gobelins and worked as a set designer in the animation industry following graduation in 2008. During this time he began to develop his own personal work and in 2012 he took the plunge into freelance illustration and created a co-working studio with friends.


Vincent sketches a lot and always starts his work with very tiny, thumbnail sketches. After scanning in his thumbnails he then sketches on top to create his final designs using photoshop to add line and colour. His work has been exhibited in Paris multiple times and previous clients include;  The New York Times, Eurostar, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Nobrow, L’Echonova, La Gargone Editions,