Wendy Van Santen and Hans Bolleurs, a Dutch artist duo, bring visual storytelling through their studio specialising in photographic design. Innovative thinkers, they craft surreal interpretations of everyday life, seamlessly blending studio photography with set design.

Their expertise lies in harnessing light and in-camera effects, infusing visuals with digital elements for a captivating experience. Committed to ideas, they excel in clarifying messages.

Beyond traditional boundaries, their portfolio features conceptual still life and stop-motion videos, playfully manipulating meaning and materials, offering a fresh perspective that blends creativity with commercial appeal in the visual arts.

Clients and collaborations include:
Pret A Manger, Selfridges, Microsoft, Zalando, L’OREAL PARIS, KLM Air France, International Red Cross, Chilly’s, Pull & Bear and Durex.

Editorial work and collaborations include:
Wall Street Journal, Die Zeit, Suddeutsche Zeitung, De Volkskrant, Der Spiegel, GQ, FRAME, Neon Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Fast Company.