From an early age Yorkshire born Visual Artist, Paul Bower was known as a “shining wit” by many. Now that he knows what that means and living in London, he finds this wry but cheeky sense of humour a necessity and it plays an integral part to his own, unique form of visual communication.
A stripped-down, hand made, back to basics aesthetic with minimal clutter and bold colours for maximum impact, it is always straight to the point and with simple warmth and honesty. 
When not in his studio he can usually be found down at the library reading comic books, drawing people on buses or at the end of the bar going on about that time he won a V & A Award, amongst others.
Clients include: Subaru, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic, Cravendale, Google, Blue Q, Habitat, Audi, Gaymers, Paramount, Random House, Nestle, Hodder and Stoughton, Halfords, Marc Jacobs, The C.O.I.