Parallel Studio is a 2D & 3D animation studio based in Paris. They pay extreme attention to detail and work with a range of luxury clients.

It was founded in 2015 by three friends : Thibault de Fournas, Nicolas Lefaucheux and Yann Pineill. They met in Design School, where they spent 5 years studying the relationships between composition, shapes, typography and colour, and also developed a true sense of rigor in creation.

They got their first orders while publishing their student projects online, and they decided to answer as a team. They founded their studio a year after graduated from school. Since then Parallel Studio grown and became a team of directors, motion-designers, illustrators who all share one same belief: taking care of the tiniest details makes all the difference.

Clients include Chanel, Chloé, Morgan Stanley, The New York Times, Kiehl’s, Uber, Chaumet, McDonald’s, Perrier, Instagram, Louis Vuitton, Lenovo, and Prada