Nadya Plyamko is an Ukrainian illustrator and 3D artist. Studying at the Institute of Contemporary Art and the British School of Design, Nadya’s work explores and combines contemporary trends and issues with classical connotations. 
Drawing on a symbolic and surreal style, she constructs narrative designs for a variety of industries such as advertising, fashion, music or illustrations for print media.

Nadya has exhibit her work through countless exhibitions, group and solo, in order to come to her unique style.
She uses a combination of 2D, 3D and animation to convey the extraordinary character of the products she works with. Clients include Amorphose, Vivendii, Sintezia, Dnepr Fashion Weekend, Tristan Cappel, Respublica Fest, Down By Law Records, Vydavnytstvo.
Her recent exhibition, Magpie’s Nest, is featured in Creative Review!