Jiaqi (Jackie) Wang is an Illustrator and Animator originally from China, Currently based in LA and beyond. After graduating from LCC in London, with a post graduate in Animation, Jiaqi found herself interning as a designer and animator at a small studio. Knowing that animation was for her, she later made the jump to sunny Los Angeles to work in house at BUCK as an illustrator and animator.

Jiaqi now works as a freelance artist specialising in 2D moving image and motion graphics. Her work revolves around imagining daily life, full of colours, visual design and character design. 

Jiaqi’s clients include – Apple, Google, DoorDash, Spotify, Nike, The Hollywood Reporter, BBC,  LA Times, Forbes, FireFox, Pepsi, Muji, Target, Wework, Facebook, Steelcase, Starbucks, Huawei, Peets, Stylist Magazine.