Chris Hoffmann is a German 3D artist based in Amsterdam who loves to create worlds, big or small, with sound and vision.

Chris’ work challenges viewers’ perspectives by sucking them into another reality and inviting them for a nice swim in a warm puddle of escapism.

After 6 years mastering his art at renowned Berlin studio, Zeitguised, Chris is now freelance and continually experiments with the indefinite medium of 3D. Recently Chris has been exploring the art of game design and

experience design, creating interactive work that people can poke and play with.

Asides from creating artwork, delivering workshops to students is a field that fills Chris with joy. So far, he has worked with schools in Cologne and given talks at FH Bielefeld and Us by Night festival.

Chris’ client list is as far-reaching and exciting as his artworks, with select clients including: Apple, Asics, BMW, Chanel, IKEA, Kvadrat, Lexus Microsoft, Motorola and Samsung.