Carolina is a collage and digital artist that uses strong textures and colours to transport the viewer to otherworldly places.

Born in Colombia, traveler by nature, Carolina has lived in several countries including Spain, Guatemala, Brazil and currently living in Argentina.

She felt the need to create from a very early age, and was surrounded by nature, art and music all her life, and that inspired her to follow this artistic path.

Studied graphic design in Guatemala and photography in Spain. Her sources of inspiration are nature, animals, geometry, and the harmony found in empty spaces. Passion for color leads her to experiment with the most subtle color combinations.

Client list include: AMV BBDO, Wired UK, Camaron Brujo, AdidasCreative Debuts, Lucid Dreaming RecordsAdobe, Azzur, ZZK Records, Smile for a while, Red Bull, Sofi Bonde and Lost Language Records among others.