Bomboland is a studio. It’s in Lucca, Italy, and you can only get there on foot. At Bomboland, you’ll find Maurizio at the drawing table, Elisa at the cutting table, and Missy every place, including forbidden ones, like the couch. Maurizio has been looking for the prefect chair for years, and it is sure to take the credit for the masterpiece he will soon make. Elisa keeps on failing to understand the connection between the chair and the masterpiece, but is sure he will make it soon. Missy keeps on sitting on the couch with impunity.

Maurizio Santucci (aka Bombo) founded Bomboland in 2006 before being joined by Elisa Cerri in 2009. They met while studying at the School of Design Florence and since then work in  advertising, editorial and children’s literature papers. Bomboland’s approach blends the fine art of paper-cut with digital layering, textures and vector graphics to create their unique look.

Clients include: ENI Kraft, Nokia, Mini BMW, ABN Amro, Air Canada, Wired, UP! Magazine, The Washington Post.