Simon Peplow

Simon Peplow is an is an Illustrator, Designer and Artist living and working in Birmingham, UK. Deep down he is a visual tinkerer creating and curating sincere & engaging eyejoy in the heart of the UK. He has exhibited internationally, and featured in numerous creative publications and books. 

He is co-founder of independent arts cooperative Outcrowd Collective. Picking up a skateboard back in 1989, it remains this positive soul enriching pursuit that continues to underpin / inform everything that Peplow creates. Simon works comfortably collaborating with mavericks and truth seekers.

Simon’s works has explored numerous facets of the creative realms including: advertising, animation, print and education. His art has inspired clients such Carhartt Streetwear, Nike SB,  Le Coq Sportif, and SOYJOY, to the Arts Council England, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

If you weren’t an illustrator, what would you rather be doing with your time? 

Artisan chef/baker, or a product designer/architect.

From past to present, how do you see your development as an artist? And which avenues are you excited to explore more? 

It’s been a slow and steady process. I think my work’s maturing in the right direction, but i’m nowhere closer to nailing it. I’d like to do more with animation, working collaboratively.

What’s your pet peeve? 

Poor all round style.

And your guilty pleasure? 

Vintage porn, dark chocolate, spiced rum, and american spirit roll ups.

One particular character seems to be reoccurring throughout your work – “Cloudhead.” Why do you think that is? And is there any underlying meaning to him? 

My head is always in the clouds, but i also get most of my inspiration looking skywards.  Clouds are pretty mind boggling too, much like life, so i guess there is an underlying philosophical bent.

You’re given the choice of a skateboard or pen to make a living. What do you choose?  

If you’d asked me 10 years ago i’d have said skateboard in a heartbeat.  However the older i’ve become, the more pain i’m in, so i’ll opt for the latter.

Who has been your biggest inspiration, both in life and your work? 

Mark Gonzales: Visionary, Skateboarder, Poet, Artist, Professional goof ball.

What advice would you give budding artists looking to get into the industry? 

Don’t make shit work, and don’t copy existing illustrators styles (there’s already plenty of that doing the rounds). Develop an interesting personal visual voice style that represents your deal.  Blag any opportunities that present themselves. Don’t try.

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