May 23 - News

Gizmo & Shreya’s Unfinished Story: The Stage

Gizmo have really pulled our heartstrings on this beautiful short commissioned by Psyop, Shreya’s Unfinished Story: “The Stage”.
The Stage  is part of a campaign for Travelers Insurance Company in their aim to tell some of those “Unfinished Stories” of lives lost to distracting driving, with the purpose of creating awareness against that driving behaviour.
Gizmo were honoured to tell the bittersweet story of Shreya  with a touching tribute to what her life could have been.
Closely collaborating with director, Jack Anderson and director of animation, Ema Verruno, Gizmo had the incredible opportunity to carry on the look development and production up to completion: character’s creation, sets designs, animation, lighting, render and composition.