December 26 - News

Shoes of Nature

Shoes of Nature is a collaboration between our fantastic Paper craft artist, Annemarieke Kloosterhof, and photographer Nick Dunne, featuring shoes by Footwear Designer Victoria Andre!
“This 3-part series of handcrafted monochrome sets were designed to mirror the footwear’s natural materials and aesthetic. Salmon skin, vegetable-tanned leather, banana fibre fabric, cork, recycled paper and olive wood are among the materials used both on the shoes and within the set design.”
Inspired by the four elements, the shoes are displayed in sets that mimic different landscapes and natural habitats. Organic textures and sceneries of the desert, forest and ocean are contrasted with the structured, clean lines created by the plinths –  with finally the addition of colourful balls representing the playfulness of the shoes. The perfect balancing act between organic and designed! – Annemarieke Kloosterhof