December 4 - News

Serial Cut for SONOS

Serial Cut and 72andSunny L.A. created these stunning visuals showcasing a new range of SONOS speakers. Music changes everything: the right song at the right time can alter an entire day, fill a whole room with joy, change your mood. Music speaks a language of its own, communicating past colour and form, so how do you turn that into an image? This was the challenge for Serial Cut… In the final shots, Serial Cut ended up using relatively little CGI, creating the scenes mostly from creative photography and digital composition. Two of the final images don’t even use any CGI at all. Both the “Gold” and “Paint” images are all from live photography that they stitched together on the computer. You can take a look behind the scenes of this major project in the making-of film below, which gives an insight into the hard work and skill that went into making these beautiful final images. This is fascinating viewing for anyone familiar with (or just discovering) Serial Cut’s work.