September 15 - News

Serial Cut – OFFF

Every project the Madrid-based studio commits on is carefully designed and created by their ever growing team of professionals and ad-hoc contributors who are chosen to give each new piece of imagery a particular dimension. Their multidisciplinary creative solutions include real photography or CGI. Digital or tactile. Or both at the same time.

“OFFF Unmasked” is the new premium art book celebrating the 15th edition of Barcelona’s OFFF festival portraying the OFFF community as a mysterious cult with its own legends and rituals. The book was designed by Barcelona design studio Vasava, who requested the best past and present speakers of these 15 years to do some portraits. Under cloudy backgrounds, each family of Demiurges have their own yellow object as a common link, and four basic base moody colors. The art of Bartholot for photography and stylism was crucial for creating these thrilling Cult Masters.

See Serial Cut’s portfolio here.