February 5 - News

Serial Cut’s campaign ‘Lunar Ballistec’ for Nike

Serial Cut contributed to the story behind the new Nike Lunar Ballistec, “one of the lightest and fastest tennis shoes ever made”, according to the sports apparel giant. 

”Nike wanted to create a sort of sci-fi and spy narrative surrounding the footwear’s design,” said Sergio del Puerto. “Our team provided sketches of a capsule that would contain the shoes; it was a polygonal, almost diamond shape, with a sneaker-sole-like base.” Once approved, Serial Cut used 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop to place the capsule in several scenes: by the hands of a lab technician at work, strapped into a cargo area, and next to the newly born Nikes. 

Del Puerto was extremely pleased with the final images and the overall experience: “It was incredible to work on a Nike project, especially this, which allowed us the freedom to invent quite the tale about a pair of shoes.”