July 8 - News

Serial Cut help show HSBC’s business customers that ‘Overseas Starts Over the Road’

We can finally now say that Serial Cut’s ongoing project with Grey London and HSBC is finished! We were approached by Grey London to produce a series of CGI cities for HSBC Commercial way back in October 2013. The message: with HSBC, ‘Overseas starts just over the road’.

Serial Cut specialize in CGI illustration, making them the perfect choice for Grey London. Their creative ability and skill is matched with professionalism and experience, making them adaptable and able to deal with changing demands from the markets.

Led by a team at Grey London, we collaborated with HSBC offices worldwide over the course of 9 months, creating a total of 18 cities in CGI. These captured the unique energy, essence and culture of each city – each one being instantly recognisable. This truly multi-platform campaign ran across channels including digital, outdoor, and print. Congratulations team!