Sam Pierpoint

Nature, magic and paper...

Sam Pierpoint is an artist who’s work we have been admiring for some time. She is an independent illustrator and paper engineer with 4 years experience and a background in graphic design. She lives in the New Forest and works in a quaint log cabin studio at the bottom of her garden. As someone who enjoys observing the world around her and taking in its beautiful and often comical charm, she is in the perfect setting to be creating dreamy and magical artwork.

Sam’s fun and whimsical illustrations are inspired by Mother Nature, wildlife and travel. She has an obsession with pattern, which always finds its way into her work. Her work often contains fusions of architectural, geometric, cultural and natural patterns to create vibrant and rich pieces.  She handcrafts all of her 3D creations out of a range of fine quality papers, before photographing and editing the images digitally, to create each finished piece.


It would be lovely to collaborate with some makers and create some paper displays for their product shoots. I’d like to get into creating window displays too

My project for Paper London (pictured below) means the most to me because it’s the largest paper sculpture that I’ve done to date and it’s the very first piece of work which I’ve done in collaboration with my partner, who is a photographer. This time we had put a real emphasis on the digital post production side of things so he created a light composite using lots of layers in Photoshop which were selectively lit and blended together. We hope to collaborate on more projects in the future as in a lot of cases it’s nice to do every aspect of the production from start to finish in-house.

Berlin, Bears and Refugees