September 5 - News


There is a multitude of beautifully illustrated children’s books out at the moment, but this latest book is perhaps the most beautiful of them all.  Detailing the story of water, where it comes from , what happens to it, where it goes, ‘Once Upon a Raindrop’ is a marvel to behold. The poem, written by James Carter, is illustrated by Pocko illustrator and ink doyenne Nomoco with a grace and poise that demonstrates a wondrous sympathy for the text.

The book has been described as “a rhythmic and effervescent journey over land, sea and skies as we follow the origins of water around its natural cycle”.

We asked Nomoco about her time working on this book commission:

“It was amazing working on ‘Once Upon a Raindrop’. I enjoyed every bit of the process – the poem by James is like music and was a joy to work on. I’ve also discovered a few new ink techniques while trying to draw various expressions of water, and I actually learnt some new facts about water! I hope people enjoy the book.”

Nomoco also shared a snap of some of the original artworks.

Once Upon a Raindrop is out on 6th September on Little Tiger Publishing.