August 10 - News

Rainbow Daddies

Photographer, Jan Von Holleben, just released a beautiful new project called ‘Rainbow Daddies’. Yes you heard me.
Published by Berlin based book exclusively for Gay/Queer men wanting to expand their family! All about adopting and parenting, and how to face some difficult conversations later down the line.
The Book is available at the Publisher OMNINO, and is currently only available in German!
Pocko is proud to support every aspect of the LGBTQIA+ community, and especially our artists within this community.
See more images on his portfolio page here!
The Rainbow Daddies in Berlin asked me if I would join in for the book… I spent a lot of time in the studio with all daddies and mommies and kids involved to illustrate various chapters of becoming a rainbow father and how to be a rainbow family. This was only a few months before my partner and I met our foster son the first time!
– Jan Von Holleben