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Collection of 5 small full colour books featuring the work of I Am Me (Yasumasa Yonehara), Out of Science (Hiro Sugiyama), U EL EL UL EL TE KA (Mara Kuzma), M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam) and Quattro Staggioni (Klaus Haapaniemi).

I Am Me
In the hyper-reality of popular Japanese culture nothing is ever as it seems. Every month thousands of the young Japanese girls that read teen magazine Nicola send in illustrated postcards with Manga style personifications of themselves.
What goes on in the mind of a teenage hormone- bomb? Slip under the skin of one of the world’s most impenetrable societies, below the apparent sweetness and feel the wakening heart beneath.

Out Of Science
Hiro’s first solo publication in the West shows composite of images struggling with peverse influence, a law of chaos and disorder. All forms are mocked and combine to create a “post-modern primeval soup”.

The remarkable record of a series of co-operations between the Ukrainian military and a host of respected Ukrainian artists. Author: Marta Kuzma

From a long-forgotten region of endemic conflict comes a project to challenge your ethical core. The art of warfare is sprawled across these pages transforming bloodshed into beauty and raising the phoenix of for- bidden expression.

Quattro Stagioni
This 24 page postcard book is the chilling visual record of the effect of the endless Finnish winter on Haapaniemi’s psyche. Shrouded in winter for most of the year, Finland’s sea- sons are mostly left to the imagination. Fantasy creatures and visionary landscapes merge to create a whole new calendar.

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