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This issue chronicles the work of arguably the world’s most important photographers in the fields of documentary, staged and fine-art photography.
In addition, Light Works features extracts from “Living in the End Times” by Slavoj Žižek, the controversial and eccentric polit- ical philosopher, considered ‘the most dangerous philosopher in the West’. In his book, Žižek discusses the end of Western capitalism and asks what the West must do to adapt to the society of the future. Such issues are raised within the images of Light Works, where photographers capture the very essence and importance of the photographic image in modern- day society, and explore how the medium communicates to the world. Through a selection of iconic photographic works, some unseen and some classics, this edition of Pocko Times encapsulates a reflection of our age; exhibiting the aesthetics of celebrity, pornography, media, conflict, poverty and wealth.

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