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28×20 | Satin | Hardback book

Blade is an extraordinary symposium of ads from around the world, a collection of work that shows how man’s desire to sell has spurred him to new levels of invention. From African murals to Asian cartoons, from religious pro- motions to environmental installations. The range of attempts to shock, to scare, to make us laugh, to make us guilty, and at to even to make us feel good, reflect the diversity and the incredible similarities in every attempt to connect with the consumer. Contributions have been carefully selected and include the creative directors from: TBWA, SAATCHI AND OGILVY, VISIONARIES AND CREATIVE BOUTIQUES AS STEFAN SAGMEISTER, GIOVANNI BIANCO, AS WELL AS UNDER- GROUND GRAPHICS FROM LUZERN AND NAGOYA NIGHTCLUBS FLYERS DESIGNERS and original but lesser known artists.24.95

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