March 28 - News

Pocko Park: NOWhere

In the first of Pocko Japan’s exhibition series, Pocko Park: NOWhere marries the works of Japanese illustrator, Nomoco with German-born photographer, Martin Holtkamp.

The concept of the exhibition focuses on the moment of seasonal change, where there are beginnings and endings, depending on how one looks at things. Spring brings new life and a sense of renewal as well as a reminder of how life is fleeting.

The playful abstraction of Nomoco’s ink paintings and Martin’s steely, proportioned photography bounce off each other in an interesting collision. Whilst in response to the turn of the seasons, both artists’ work takes on a new life in NOWhere in a way that unites their cultural influences and compliments their craft.

The title of the show has a double meaning depending on how you read it: Now Here or Nowhere. This contraposition is again reinforcing the display and the dialogue between two artists from diverse backgrounds, exhibiting during Spring, the season of beginnings and endings. 

NOWhere will be exhibiting at the Park Hotel Tokyo from April 2nd – June 2nd so if you’re reading this in Tokyo… see you there!