April 1 - News

Pocko Japan

Welcome to our latest adventure: Pocko Japan! After many years of working with Japanese artists, we have finally figured out a way to live and eat in Tokyo for part of the year!

Led by RCA graduates, Nicola Schwartz and Ichiro Kono, Pocko Japan was born out of a desire to expand our creative connections through bridging two contrasting cultures: East & West.

To celebrate the launch, Pocko Japan will take over the Park Hotel Tokyo with Pocko Park: a series of exhibitions that play on the themes of seasonal change and chance encounters.

Featuring our trusty artists across illustration, photography and animationPocko Japan will be home to exciting new collaborations with new talent from Japan in a series of collaborative shows, NOWhere and Sound of Waves.

We can’t wait to see what beautiful new work these international creative connections will bring!