March 19 - News


Pocko Social is about community and responsibility – so with the news of CoronaVirus becoming increasingly hard to escape from, we want to try and helpWe all know the serious physical health implications of COVID-19 – but the damage to society has been rather radical; plunging stock markets, increased racism and harassment and now serious risks of mental well-being due to quarantine. 

Do you want to join in with our brief, and help create a more positive environment online? 

Create a piece of work, still or gifs, that offers a creative suggestion on how to keep happy whilst stuck inside and possibly alone. Keep it lighthearted and use humour if you like!

Please send submissions to by the end of March with the subject line ‘#peaceofmind’

Your submission does not have to include text – but please do send a short description/title/quote with your work! We plan to post all on our social media channels with full credit to you, of course. Thank you so much for helping us try to make the world a better, less negative place!

Illustration by Paul Bower