Paul Bower – Brilliant

A mind-blowing book about colours...

Paul Bower

With Paul Bower’s illustrations in this new and unique book, Brilliant, learning about colour has never been more fun. This delightful book is separated into two parts: the 1st part introduces the primary colour scheme (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) by showing illustrated objects combined with photography set in a playful scenery.

The 2nd part functions as a colouring book that encourages children to get creative by filling in objects using colours themselves.  Brilliant is particularly unique in that it blurs the boundaries between the real and imaginary worlds in a way that is completely natural for children.  Also, everything you see in the book was created manually without any use of computer programs such as Photoshop: photos were shot on film, enlarged, printed and were over-painted by Paul by hand. How brilliant is that?!

Berlin, Bears and Refugees