April 12 - News

Not so Dolce Vita – Emiliano Ponzi

‘An intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way;
an artist is a man who says a difficult thing in a simple way.’
– Charles Bukowski, notes of a Dirty Old Man (1969)

Emilano Ponzi is the illustrator behind the award winning covers for the Italian versions of Charles Bukowski’s books. His rich, confident approach makes him one of the finest illustrators of his generation, and we are thrilled to collaborate with him on the Pocko Gallery exhibition, ‘Not So Dolce Vita’.

A series of fine yet satirical and political illustrations will be the core focus of the show. Emiliano Ponzi is renowned for his ability to analyse and depict delicate topics in a minimal and powerful manner. The selected works span from editorial contributions, client commissions and personal works.

The exhibition will be opening on Tuesday 19th April, concurrently to the Italian Cultural Institute’s ‘Goodbye Dolce Vita’. This includes a series of events involving cinema, literature and art (19th – 23rd April 2016).

‘Goodbye Dolce Vita’ comes from the idea to go beyond, showing a slow but continuous change in the codes of Italian culture. It’s the story of a new Italy, a country more responsive to the realities of our time, yet aware of the past.