February 11 - News

Nomoco’s Exhibition at the Pocko Gallery

Pocko is proud to announce the forthcoming exhibition, “A CHANCE TONE OF COLOUR”, featuring the work of Japanese artist Kazuko Nomoto who works under the name “Nomoco.” Known specifically for her use of ink and paper, Nomoco’s processes capture the special spontaneity and magic of when ink comes into contact with paper.

Nomoco’s work for this exhibition represents ‘gatherings’ found in the world around us, from gatherings of people in an enormous city to gatherings of trees in a midnight forest. The built up ink and watercol- our cells portray the elements in the world around us coming together to create unity and harmony.

The show will also include a showreel of Nomoco’s stop motion animations.

Limited edition publications of Nomoco’s sketchbooks will be sold exclusively at the Pocko gallery.

The exhibition is curated and produced by Pocko.

Come and visit us for the opening night on Thursday the 18th of February from 18.30-21.00! There will be drinks available all night.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Love the Pocko Team