June 29 - News


How will we move, live, eat and consume in the future – how will this affect transport, agriculture, energy generation and production systems?

Photography genius, Jan Von Holleben comes to answer almost all your questions!

Working with the EU on the launch of the MY2050 website, Jan dived into his huge prop cupboard to creates abstract scenes that represent each section of an industry or environment.

The website MY2050 is a learning tool and interactive media demonstrating how we can reduce CO2 emissions effectively in the next 50 years. MY2050 allows you to choose which industry should be producing less/more CO2. Jan created genius animations to signify these changes!

Reducing CO2 usage has a knock on effect on other industry sectors – when we reduce one companies CO2 emissions, it is likely another will rise (e.g. reducing meat farming allowing plant based alternatives to flourish, but in turns enlarges land usage and more likely water CO2 usage.)
Operate the machine and see if you can effectively find a balance – it’s not easy!
“Once you starts playing the game, you realize that you can’t just reduce anything because most things will immediately impact on your own life and also some combinations just don’t match up.”Jan Von Holleben