March 13 - News


We were thrilled to see Marco Oggian have a solo exhibition at the fantastic La Miscelanea in Barcelona. 

Marco created his work around ‘Monsters’ and the personification of the word.

The monsters have been with us since childhood, representing our fears and struggles pending resolution. As children we feel a deep attraction for monsters, because they represent the unknown, the different.”

From the Latin Monstrum = Portento, Prodigy, Wonder . They are the food of our courage and imagination, in contrast to the overly comforting and planned reality we live in.

Often the monster is represented as a lonely, sad and forgotten being (Quasimodo, Minotaur, the creature of Frankenstein) capable of softening us by embodying our fear of social rejection.

 In each culture there are different representations of these diverse beings, often with radically opposite meanings. Like the dragon for example, positive in Chinese culture and negative and evil in the Christian world. Or the facial and body decoration of some ethnic groups (Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Bushmen) that we Westerners interpret as monsters, when for them they are the maximum representation of beauty and tradition. 

This project is a tribute to monsters, diverse beings and everything that is wonderful in this world.

Great work Marco Oggian!