Madeleine Lithvall

We speak to Swedish artist Madeleine Lithvall

Madeleine Lithvall is a Swedish visual artist we have been following for some time now, and have been fortunate enough to collaborate with on a lovely campaign for Debenhams with JWT London. Her style is described as diverse, highly detailed and feminine, mixing handmade and digital techniques to create illustrations and graphics.

Having studied at London College of Fashion, as well as Forsbergs in Stockholm and Commercial Arts Training College in Sydney, Madeleine works across a range of medias and platforms within fashion and lifestyle.  Here, we delve a little into her world: discovering some of her inspirations, dreams and loves.

“I tend to draw inspiration from various artists at different times. Then, perhaps I can repeat a certain element or brush/pen stroke for a while which I’ve been inspired by from a specific artist, to then move on to a new source of inspiration. I wouldn’t say there are any artists in particular that I take inspiration from all the time and that influence my work directly. At the moment though, I’m really inspired by the thought of hand drawn and collage artworks as digital printing format.”


“I also work as an art director and graphic designer so illustration doesn’t take up all of my work time. Although, if I wasn’t working with something creative, I would sail around the world and explore every corner of it and also try to become a professional sail racer. Then I’d take more time to learn how to play golf… I’m terrible at it and I really want to know how to play!”


“My biggest love is the sea. My biggest hate? To be alone for too long. I get extremely bored if I can’t talk to anyone!”

“I think the illustration that means the most to me  would be the timeline exhibition piece I created for Cosmetics à La Carte’s 40th Anniversary exhibition. The piece was 4x2m large and it was created on a very short time. I was working day and night on the project, only to having to re-create it in the gallery as it would look nicer to re-paint it onto the wall rather than print it as a vinyl. Lots of sweat and hard work and it turned out to be a success! (artwork pictured below)”

I dream of living on a house boat, styled in Lexington and an interior picked from the Swedish archipelago, with a bright, sun-filled studio where I can work from as a creative between my visits to exciting clients all around the world

Berlin, Bears and Refugees