Lucinda Ireland

We catch up with London-based illustrator, Lucinda Ireland

Lucinda Ireland first caught our eye with her bold, graphic, and often playful type, as well as her colourful illustrations of owls (and who doesn’t love owls). Lucinda is a 26 year-old graphic designer and illustrator, originally from Lincolnshire. She currently calls East London her home. Her journey towards illustration began whilst studying graphic design at Grantham college in 2005. The course was heavily geared towards typography,  and from here her love for typography grew and grew. Gradually over time, Lucinda began to experiment with more illustrative typographic work as she went through university, and her eyes were opened up to a world of more illustrative work. 
After university Lucinda attended both the New Blood and New Designers graduate exhibitions, and it was at New Designers that she won New Designer of the Year for Hallmark for her illustrative typography work.  Since then Lucinda has produced illustrative work for a variety of clients including Esquire, Women’s Health, Philips Sound and Twinings Infusions. She also likes to spray paint too, and loves working at a large scale, bringing her illustrations to life on walls. She says she finds this really satisfying, and that the medium is amazing to work with.  


“I wouldn’t say the way I work has been influenced by anyone really, apart from when I was taught to spray paint by those around me at the time, in particular one graffiti artist that goes under the name of Scuba, but I soon adapted my own way of working once I had been taught the basics. I guess over the years, I have just learnt what processes best suit me and develop them in my own little ways.”

“I take my inspiration mainly from my experiences and from my surroundings, places I visit and people I meet. My friends are constantly inspiring me, I am so grateful to be surrounded by lots of creative characters, who all love what they do, and it really motivates me. I try not to look at too many blogs as I find it can influence you too much subconsciously.”

“This piece for Women’s Health magazine (pictured on the right) is the project that means the most to me. I was asked to create an illustration for an article about the benefits of tumeric, which I had to use to create the illustration. It was a new challenge for me, having never worked with any medium remotely similar, I was pretty nervous about the results and whether I could pull it off to a high enough standard but I was actually really proud of how it came out in the end. So for me that project is a little reminder to myself of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and never be held back by the fear of making mistakes.”

“Daydream or dream? I don’t really remember my dreams very much unless I’m stressed out or working non stop on a project, and then I usually dream about that. My day dreaming though, I could be here for hours.”

“I love my cat, Milo, he is like my child. My family obviously, my wonderful friends, festivals, music, typography, art, summer, yoga, glitter, food, India, dancing, travelling, drawing in parks, owls, big walls, spray paint, and the universe – it’s pretty magical. I hate working on projects and not being able to show anyone, gherkins, mushrooms, celery, hate itself, and winter.”

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