April 28 - News

Lived Experiences

Sugar Blood finally releases his new 4 tiered project, ‘Lived Experiences!’.

Pedro Allevato aka Sugar Blood, created a series of 4 animated films recreating the lives of young people caught up in criminal gangs and county lines.

The 4 films feature harrowing voice overs and shocking details – these animations are not for the faint hearted. Sugar Blood’s dramatic lighting and visuals, mixed with his silhouetted figures create a cinematic and often comic book like animation, although the stories are very much a reality.

“Over 50 young people, social workers, teachers and police officers were interviewed and their stories turned into four films. The animations take a non-judgmental and unflinching look at the rapidly escalating situation. The often bleak and frustrating world we discover is reflected in the striking art direction and sound design, calculated to engage rather than glorify those involved.​​​​​​​” – Pedro Allevato