April 15 - News

‘I Used to Be You’ by Kyoko Hamada and Pocko Editions

“The subject of change and decay has always fascinated me and been a part of my work, but finding my first gray hair really brought those issues up in my own life,”  says Kyoko Hamada, who’s project  “I used to be you” has received a lot of press recently and won the 2012 Lens Culture International Exposure Award. In her project, she is becoming an old lady called Kikuchiyo-san, her self in 40 years time. “I do feel I am more myself, in a way, when I’m dressing up as Kikuchiyo-san. I feel like I am outside of the time and the social grid we live in. She just freely goes to places whenever she pleases.” Kyoko says. She compares the series to a time machine, as it deals with her own mortality, aging and transition. Kyoko began photographing her time-machine self in 2011 with the initial help of a makeup artist, self-timer shutter and friends. Kyoko was also selected by British Journal of Photography as the one to watch in 2013… So keep watching her work! For more info read one of the articles about her at the CNN blog.