December 11 - News

Kyoko Hamada on her latest project, ‘Feather Story’

Kyoko Hamada speaks about a recent project:

“The dress the model was wearing for the feather story I recently shot (WSJ) was surprisingly chic and quiet for a dress that had feathers on it. In fact, the article was called The Not-So-Frivolous Feathers of Fall Fashion. I had heard of a friend of friend of friend, Charlie, who had a jacket made out of bear fur. Even though it was purchased as a vintage jacket, my friends felt mixed about it when they saw Charlie strolling on the street in that bear jacket. I mean, what does a bear jacket look  like to begin with? Anyway, that was one thing that popped up in my mind as we did the shoot.

I actually own a vintage, black feather dress that a friend of mine gave me a long time ago. Unlike the one in the picture, it is very frivolous. The kind you want to wear while you’re at a party holding a champagne glass. However, I only wear utilitarian clothes these days. My frivolous feather dress sits in the closet unworn, and has become more of a precious object than a piece of clothing. Aside from the issues that may come with feather dresses, It was refreshing to see a feather dress done in this fashion and I appreciate the WSJ editor thinking of me to do the fashion page.”