January 6 - News

Jules Julien and Nomoco for Apple

“Start something new” is Apple’s latest philosophy towards creation with its products. Out of 12 artists from around the world, Jules Julien was selected by Apple to produce a selection of images using tools available on the iPad and iMac.

Jules Julien created this interpretation of popular emoji on iMac using iDraw. Emoji are “a bit like the hieroglyph of modern days,” he says. “It’s exciting to think about how they will evolve.”

Nomoco’s approach to making art is organic and tactile. She is inspired by movement and light, and even the way an ink drop splashes can guide her next move. So when she painted digitally for the first time, it was natural for her to use her fingers. With iPad Air 2 and the Brushes Redux app, Nomoco was able to create this ethereal series exactly as she had imagined it.

The artworks will be available to view at Apple retail stores around the world. Check them out at Regent Street! #startsomethingnew