Jose Miguel Mendez

Jose Miguel Mendez is an illustrator living and working in London. He works with various mediums, including illustration, graphic design, lettering and animation. He has always been interested in illustration (he was really into graffiti for 8 years) but later studied graphic design and animation.
Jose has an impressive client list, including Google, BBC, Converse, Studio Output, Skoda and Wesc, and his work has been featured on It’s Nice That, Creative Review, FFFFOUND!, Gestalten and more.

Being surrounded by people that inspire me, discovering new things, exploring new subcultures and travelling around the world is what makes me feel alive!

“In terms of lifestyle and art I have been really influenced by all the Beautiful Losers generation. I think we share a similar approach and I really admire their DIY attitude. In terms of dreams, I dream of exhibiting my work and traveling all over the world. I really love to meet interesting people, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I hate negative attitude, I love to be surrounded of people who have a good attitude about life. My favourite piece of work I think is the artwork I created for Pathurst EP for Fventi record label – I like the color palette I used and the simplicity of it” (pictured below left)

Berlin, Bears and Refugees