Joe Cruz

Joe Cruz has been a longtime friend of Pocko, and whose evolution of work continues to inspire us. His approach dabbles in an aesthetic that echoes the likes of Warhol and Matisse, but also references the conceptual sensibilities of John Baldesarri.

Graduating from Norwich School of Art in 2010, Joe’s work spans art, design, fashion and graphics. His expressive use of lines, strong colours and graphical imagery within his work is demonstrated by his fascination with simple, bold statements often seen in political posters and advertising slogans. 

You could be led into thinking Joe’s work appears as sparse and minimal as illustration would allow, and that’s because it is. The weight of Joe’s work is fundamentally minimal and playful. Colours breathe mood; accents and gestures insist movement and rhythm; found photographs re-imagine history.

Very much like his Pop Artists of the 50’s and 60’s, subversive messages play a key role in his work. Found imagery, juxtaposed with his colourful pastel lines, give the work its contemporary context, but certainly wouldn’t look out of place back in Warhol’s Factory – just goes to show how timeless and connected his artwork actually is. 

If you weren’t illustrating, what would you be doing with your time? 

Job wise, probably something sport related, maybe a karate instructor.

What excites you right now? 

Going to see new works in general, I am looking forward to seeing the Early Russian Photography exhibition later this week.

What’s your biggest fear?

Not being able to make work or be active.

Your work seems to embody and celebrate rhythm. Does music influence the way the work? 

I definitely feel my work echoes the music I listen too and with certain pieces I directly react to the track I am listening too.

Who is your favourite icon, past or present, and why? 

Bruce Lee, his form and technique is flawless and he look’s cool doing it.

You’ve been allowed to use only one colour, which one is it? 


How do you see your work developing? And which areas would you like to explore more? 

I want to work on more large scale originals and definitely explore street art. Saying that I would like to push my work forward and take on any opportunities I can, whether this be sculpture or moving image, I want to try everything.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Junk Food.

Pet peeve? 

Bad food.

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