May 9 - News

Hennie Haworth – London & Paris

Have you been walking around London or Paris recently and thought it could do with a bit more colour?

Colour London released by Hennie Haworth is the perfect way to brighten up the city! 

In the book you can chose from outlines of Little Venice to The Houses of Parliament which you can colour in any way you wish. Or if you prefer something a little more exotic you can also purchase Colour Paris, where you will encounter the beautiful Parisian rooftops overlooking The Eiffel Tower.

Colouring in has been proven to reduce levels of stress and anxiety; “like repeating a mantra where repetition is a means to relaxation, colouring-in is also a type of mediation” argues Hephzibah Kaplan, director at the London Art Therapy Centre. So why not take a moment to relax by decorating your city on your next break? You can purchase Hennie’s book on amazon here.