January 24 - News

Girls Girls

At the tail end of 2019 the Lovely Linn Fritz was invited by the New Taipei City Arts and Cultural Center in Taiwan, to take part in an  exhibition and series of talks entitled – Girls Girls – International Exhibition of Art & Illustration.

The exhibition featured work from artists across 8 countries with participating artists hailing from Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and Taiwan. The exhibition and talks  aimed to open the dialogue surrounding the visibility of females in the creative industry and the goal to create an art platform that comes without labels.

In Taipei, Linn showcased her “Girls” series in which she uses  solid colours, minimalist, and abstract shapes to outline exaggerated and asymmetric female body proportions, celebrating women’s  diversity and subjective consciousness. Linn is originally from Sweden, the world ’s first country to follow a Feminist Foreign Policy. She is also the co-founder of Panimation (previously Punanimation) , a multi-gender design platform with more than 2,000 members worldwide.

Linn actively promotes equality in the workplace and is a representative of the new generation of design equality in Europe. So she was the perfect fit to talk about harnessing, embracing and celebrating womanhood in creativity.  During her visit to Taiwan, Lynn shared her views of how she uses feminist thinking to create unique outcomes, promoting gender equality, and emphasised that she hopes to reduce gender inequality in the design industry.

The Cultural Bureau of the New Taipei City Government said that hosting the next generation of international female creatives aimed to encourage the participation of different genders in creativity, and provide the public with a chance to meet the pulse of the international community and celebrate art. This exhibition focuses heavily on the perspective of women and women’s experiences, continuing the much needed conversations around gender awareness in the creative sector.