September 15 - News

Fernando Laposse – Saponaceous

As warm up to Design Week, Pocko is pleased to invite you to the private view of  Saponaceous by Fernando Laposse, 2015 Winner of the Design Council’s 70 Ones to Watch.

Saponaceous showcases the results of experimental research into the process of saponification where through an exothermic reaction, following the addition of lye, fat is transformed into soap. Using locally sourced refried oil from chippies and leftover pork trimmings from butchers located in North London, Fernando has produced a series of functional and interactive objects which have been sculpted, moulded and machined out of solid blocks of soap, presenting the potential qualities of this waste by-product.

The pieces presented in the exhibition invite the user to reflect on the concept of wholesomeness by inciting a dialogue surrounding the topics of personal hygiene, zero waste and purification.

Pocko Gallery:
Wednesday 16th September
51a King Henry’s Walk
N1 4NH

About Fernando:

Born in France and raised in Mexico, Fernando Laposse is a multidisciplinary young designer with a unique interest in non-traditional materials. Not long after graduating from Central St Martins, he first made his mark in the design world through sculptural works made in sugar. This led to further ventures into creating hand blown sugar glasses for which he is still in high demand, as well as creating a beautiful hand blown sugar vase done for the very old and traditional French crystal manufacturer, Daum.

Membership to the Experimental Food Society which is an organisation representing the best British culinary creatives has allowed Fernando to have considerable success as a sugar artist.

Amidst all of these kilos of sugar, Fernando also experimented with loofah, adapting this natural and sustainable plant form into a variety of design objects. He exhibited these works at the 2013 Milan Design Week at Meet My Project.

A new interest into soap showed Fernando again participating in Milan Design Week with a beautiful video and sculptural piece entitled Malachi 3:2 (will also been shown at Pocko Gallery) which was a collaboration with Arabeschi di Latte.

Unique to his craft, Fernando is not only skilled at creating hand made works of art, he is also a talented videographer of his processes and techniques and creates films that are art pieces in themselves.