May 26 - News

F I N K E – Brian Finke

You are all welcome to attend the private view of  F I N K E  at the Pocko Gallery on Thursday the 16th of June from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Featuring the personal projects, commercial and editorial jobs of photographer, Brian Finke. 

F I N K E  is a conglomeration of images which focuses on the sexual, the political and the social extremes in the US.

Brian Finke has photographed subcultures with a brutal honesty, including images of Body Builders, Cheerleaders, Hip Hop Honeys, Swingers, Football Players, Construction Workers and Office Workers to name a few. 

His latest personal project is called Backyard Fights which takes a look into the world of organised illegal backyard brawls. These fight clubs are a way for the local and often impoverished community to resolve disputes, thus avoiding more violent and often lethal gun fights. 

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